Our mission statement
During 2020, the mental and physical wellbeing of the nation was highlighted more than ever before. Due to a large increase in running during the COVID-19 lockdowns, we decided to create The Cambridge Running Clinic. The principle aim is to provide a platform of information to allow everyone to maintain and improve physical activity levels whilst reducing the likelihood of sustaining an injury.

Keeping Cambridge Active

A large number of running injuries can be prevented with knowledge and understanding. Why wait until you are injured to receive that advice? The Cambridge Running Clinic is providing resources of information to help to keep Cambridge active.

Information and Collaboration

A place to share knowledge and collaborate with others to assist all levels of runners.

Incentivising Activity

All with the aim to maintain and improve activity levels within Cambridge and increase the physical and mental wellbeing of the City and surrounding area.


Monitor your load

Avoid the common mistake of catching the running bug and running too frequently. Give yourself rest days and monitor your weekly mileage and intensity with our handy tool.

Think about your preparation and recovery

Nutrition, biomechanics, footwear, sleep etc. (see forgotten factors page)

You do not need to set a record every run

This is not the best way to improve and increases the likelihood of running into problems. Learn to enjoy some easier runs too.

Stay safe

Be visible, let people know where you are going, take your phone and be aware of your surroundings.

Enjoy it!

Do your best not to overthink it; running can be great for headspace as well as physical fitness.

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Forgotten Factors

Training load, nutrition, sleep, footwear and foot strike patterns and information on many other forgotten factors



Activity Incentives





Self Massage Techniques

Self Massage Techniques

Running Blogs


Running Routes

What to do if you have an injury

Background to the Running Clinic

Forgotten Factors

“Richard and the various members of the team have consistently provided excellent advice, massage, exercises and importantly general care in all the visits I have made over the past 5 years. As an athlete I have always been impressed with how they have enabled me to keep active as much as possible through injury (safely) without simply being told to “rest up”. I have no hesitation in recommending the clinic for a professional, personalised and personable service”

Jonathan Escalante-Phillips

Winner of the Cambridge Half Marathon 2020

Cambridge Running Clinic
The Cambridge Running Clinic is designed to be thought provoking and to assist with your journey as a runner. It also gives an overview of the bigger picture regarding your injuries and running performance. We have worked with every level of runner from National and International athletes through to beginners taking it up for the first time. We have assisted with several ultra-endurance challenges including being asked to support two running related Sport Relief Challenges and helping individuals complete the Marathon Des Sables and the Ultra-marathon Mount Blanc. We are delighted to have been chosen to provide the sports injury service for the Cambridge University Athletics and Cross Country Clubs for the past six years and have strong links with local running groups. With all this experience we are keen to support you through each step of your running journey. There is currently a large increase in people taking up running for the first time (the 'Couch to 5K' app had over 850,000 downloads in March to June alone in 2020) and we want to reach out to support you. This is why the Cambridge Running Clinic has been created. We are constantly looking at ways of improving and would love your feedback on the Cambridge Running Clinic.
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Cambridge Running Clinic

Providing a platform of information for runners of all abilities with the goal of reducing the amount of running injuries in Cambridge. Let’s keep the City active.

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